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Original Swiss Bank Boxes
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Original 1930's Swiss bank boxes from UBS. Made in Switzerland by famed Zurich locksmithing firm Bauer AG. These are a beautiful example of the classic Swiss bank safe deposit box. Our boxes were used in the client vault of UBS' regional headquarter in Lausanne, Switzerland between the 1930's and 2004. It is not possible to date precisely the boxes and some may have been made later, although the design was not changed.

What did your box contain? Who owned it? We don't know, but most probably there were extremely precious items such as gold coins, bearer bonds, official documents, cash or works of art.  

Size: Boxes are 270x470x85mm with some slight variations. We also have taller boxes and a few very large ones.

Mechanism: The boxes open front and top on hinges. They all have a numbered iron cover you can padlock. The body is covered with tin.
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Restoration: These boxes have served continuously for decades and all show a beautiful patined look with some scratches as the box was removed and put back into the safe. We have made many trials to find a process that would freshen the box appearance while preserving its antique look. Now we have a Swiss artisan polish the boxes one by one. This gives the box a beautiful brillance. We do not lacquer these boxes nor take them apart.

Provenance: These boxes come from the Lausanne branch of Union Bank Switzerland and were in use from the 1930's until 2004. When UBS moved to a larger building across the road in 2004 these boxes did not match the numbering system nor the size of the new vault and were replaced by ugly plastic boxes.

Uses: Our boxes are very popular with Swiss and foreign professionals, lawyers, bankers, tax attorneys, notaries and collectors. They use them as displays in their offices, to store precious or beloved documents, collectors' items or chocolates. We have some lady clients who use them to store scarves and jewels. Most buy them because they have covetted these boxes for decades and just never saw ones so beautiful. Really.

Options: We sell boxes filled with excellent gold bar shaped chocolates.

Prices & Payments: We charge in Swiss francs. All orders prepaid. We take Mastercard, Visa and American Express as well as Paypal and bank transfers. You can pay cash by appointment at our office in Lausanne. Price can change without notice and availability is not guaranteed so if you want a box don't wait.

Original Swiss Bank Box
245mm x 415mm
60mmCHF 249.-
Original Swiss Bank Box
245mm x 415mm
95mmCHF 349.-
Original Swiss Bank Box
245mm x 415mm
110mmCHF 449.-
+ 56 'gold bar' Swiss chocolates
20gr and 85mm x 30mm x 13mm each
 CHF 99.-
Authenticity certificate Offered

Sizes can vary slightly
Prices in Swiss Francs all taxes included. Shipping is extra.

Shipping: We ship using Swiss Post International unless otherwise specified. Prices in Swiss Francs. Prices in other currencies are subject to changes in exchange rates. Contact us for shipping charges to other destinations. Shipping charge for chocolate is only applicable if sent together with a bank box. We will gladly combine shipping to minimize shipping charges if you order several boxes. Prices include handling and Swiss Post Insurance.

Prices can change without notice. Each item is unique and can be different than the general descriptions found on this website. If in doubt please check the price list for an exact description. We do not represent in any form the firms who originally manufactured these items nor the banks who used them. These items are sold for collecting and decorative purposes only.

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